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Loan Tran


Office: (704) 486-7373

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Licensed in North Carolina

I’m a pharmacist with a passion in real estate! When I sold/bought my house 2 years ago, I was in your shoes! Lots of anxiety, excitement, and the unknowns! I did have a Realtor at that time, but I felt really lost and had to do a lot of learning and exploring on my own. After I was done building my house, I couldn’t hide my love for Real Estate any longer…even with my busy schedule, I decided to get my license and it was the best decision yet! Learned so much in class, from other professionals, on my own self education path, and from the opportunities that friends and family have entrusted me with their homes to sell, build, and buy! I might not know everything (but who does really…hehe), but I do know a few things for sure:

I’m very passionate about sharing my knowledge with the world…because I live and breathe by the saying, “Knowledge is power”.

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